Levi´s® Skateboarding 501™ Homewood Straight Fit

Denim Skate Jeans

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The Levis Skate 501™ is the original 90's straight fit.

58% cotton, 23% polyester and 19% polyamide.


As all the Levi's Skateboarding® range, this pant is stretch because it is made of Lycra T400® elastane to make it elastic. The Lycra quality guarantees long-lasting stretch and recovery.

Unlike a classic Levi Strauss, all Levis Skateboarding jeans are reinforced with Cordura™ for inceased durability and are made of anti-tear seams at the legs.

In addition to the 5 traditional pockets, all Levi's Skate pants feature a secret pocket on the left side of the closure button, inside.

Buttons closure.