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Not Yet Famous

Not Yet Famous Pocket T-Shirt [ Men ]

Not Yet Famous Pocket T-Shirt [ Men ]


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  • T-shirts with awesome quotes and designs are made from certified 100% organic cotton.

When you think about a rock star, a movie icon or an art legend, there’s always this tipping point when success suddenly appears.

But just before that, there’s a period of time when they already had it all, but were not yet influenced by the industry, by fame, by contracts and other comercial stuff. The time when they were most creative, because they were absolutely free. The time they were not yet famous.

Not Yet Famous… is a Portuguese brand, born in 2018 with that same rebel, independent spirit. Its aim is create original, high quality apparel that makes your inner rock star shine, regardless of what others say you should be wearing.

They don’t give a fuck about being hip. They give a fuck about originality, making their own rules, and helping you build your own unique style.

They don’t follow celebrities or social media; they follow their gut.

They don’t care about fashion trends: They care about the planet. That’s why they only use sustainable materials (no plastic or polyester) and recyclable packaging and also why they don’t follow the fashion calendar avoiding waste, dead stocks and fast consumerism.

You are welcome to see the products online, but you’ll only be able to buy them in selected stores, as it is the case of your favourite - GANG OF FOUR!

Rock on!

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