Avere la Barba Moustache Brush


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Moustache brush in Kotibè wood with pure boar bristles hand made in Italy. Measurements
12cm x 1 cm. This brush was specifically DESIGNED and TESTED to brush
. Suited for all fine or thick moustaches, of any length. The boar bristles have a thickening effect on the moustache and make it shine. A brush that lasts forever, bought just once in a lifetime.


Inspired by nature's elegance creating true beauty in its simplicity.

The natural brush bristles have a similar composition to moustache hair so do not alter the structure’s delicate moisture balance. Moustache hair does not electrify and remains soft and shiny. Bristles are punched and smoothed with emery powder to improve penetration and hold. This increases depth reached thus eliminating dead skin accumulated in the beard.

Instructions for use:
You must brush your moustache, at least twice a day, in the desired length shape direction. Brush, not comb! Combs could be lethal for your moustache especially if it is curly or wavy; because comb teeth, especially if narrow, tend to tear unlike a brush which, being made with bristles, massages and caresses your moustache.

Brush maintenance:

Wash the bristles in water when they start to fill up with residue. Leave the brush to dry with the bristles facing downwards.
When the brush is completely dry, put it away in a dry place with bristles facing upwards.