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Avere la Barba Beard Brush<p><i>Anima</i>

Avere la Barba Beard Brush




An oval beard brush made from kotibè wood, with natural bristles of wild boar, it’s 100% Made in Italy and measures 9.5cm x4.5cms. It is the next step up from the ‘militay brush’ and is smaller in size for easier use. This beard brush has been TRIED and TESTED specifically for the grooming of the beard. It is suitable for use on all types of beards, from fine or coarse beards, to long or short beards. The natural bristles made from wild boar have a thickening and shining effect on the beard. This brush is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Inspired by the human soul, that together with the body, creates an incredible bond of LIFE.


The natural bristles on this beard brush have a molecular composition similar to that of the hair found on the beard itself, and therefore won’t alter its delicate moisture balance of the structure. It doesn’t produce static energy so the whiskers stay soft and shiny. The bristles are fixed into the brush in such a way as to improve the grip on the beard, and thanks to their longer length, can give even a longer beard a superior grooming experience. The longer bristles allow the beard brush to reach and eliminate the dead skin that accumulates in the beard.

How To Use:
It is important to brush the beard at least twice a day in the direction of growth desired. For easy beard brushing, and to avoid tangles, use a specific beard oil. Brush the beard but don’t comb! A comb is considered a lethal weapon for the beard, especially if the hair is curly or wavy, as the teeth of the comb can drag, causing damage. A brush on the other hand is made from bristles and is gentler, giving the beard a soothing massage. Use only special brushes designed for beards.